A Few Of Our Clients

Us! Our Life. Our Health. Our Legacy.

Authors: Dr. Linda D. Bradley & Dr. Margaret L. McKenzie

Drs. Linda D. Bradley and Margaret L. McKenzie address common, day-to-day challenges women encounter, from the uncommon perspective of two top health professionals who care for women every single day of their lives. Simplifying the multitude of information that overwhelms us, their newly released book, Us! Our Life. Our Health. Our Legacy. will help its readers improve longevity and enhance their quality of life. As an added treat, there are dozens of healthy and delicious traditional recipes in the book straight from the doctors’ kitchens with love.

Author, U.S Senator

Roland W. Burris

 The Man Who Stood Up To Be Seated

“Trailblazer” is the adjective that adequately describes Roland W. Burris, the former United States Senator from the state of Illinois, as he accomplished many “firsts” throughout his personal, business and political life. He was appointed by Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich to replace President-Elect Barack Obama as the Democratic junior senator from Illinois. The appointment was controversial and Burris’ seat was threatened, as the now-jailed governor was already under investigation and there were rumors of his being paid for the appointment.

Burris was found innocent of all ethics charges against him. He went on to serve out Obama’s remaining term as the only African American Senate member during that period. In November 2010, Burris decided not to run for another term. He retired from the Senate and resumed private law practice in Chicago.

World-Renowned Speaker & Author,

Les Brown

Increasing Your Presentation Power by Speaking with Power and Passion

As one of the world’s most renowned motivational speakers, Les Brown is a dynamic personality and highly-sought-after resource in business and professional circles for Fortune 500 CEOs, small business owners, non-profit and community leaders from all sectors of society looking to expand opportunity.

As a premier Keynote Speaker and leading authority on achievement for audiences as large as 80,000—Les Brown energizes people to meet the challenges of the world around them. He accomplishes this through his speeches, seminars, books, and articles.

Author, Jada Jackson

Be-You-Tiful – The Threefold Process of Becoming You

Be-You-Tiful – The Threefold Process to Becoming You is a top selling, self-revealing autobiography of International Super Model and Spokesperson, Jada Jackson. As an author, coach and motivational speaker, Jada’s passion is to guide others into a meaningful and purposeful living, particularly in the areas of personal enrichment, emotion management, and image enhancement.

Catch Jada every day as a co-host on Emotional Mojo, a live streaming TV show presented as a motivational multi-platform concept that empowers people to move forward and follow their dreams.

Dan Stratton

 Very Few Fathers

Very Few Fathers is a book of love – the love that our Heavenly Father has for His beloved children. Through this compelling piece, Pastor Dan Stratton, who heads up a church located on New York’s Wall Street, transparently declares that the voices of his enemies and the voices of his critics will no longer buffet him and keep him from doing and saying what God commands him to do and teach. A strong message for mature believers.

Lorene Collier Purcy

Savvy Chicks Rule 

Lorene Collier Purcy, founder of Savvy Chicks Rule, is a Transformational Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Prosperity Personal Trainer, and Money Maven who passionately helps women dramatically shift their money mindset, end their money shame and achieve Pocketbook Prosperity which determines how they experience financial freedom, personal fulfillment and financial security.  She teaches women how to eliminate their Pocketbook Pain so they can Get Rich and become a Savvy Chick who is confidently in charge of her finances and her future.

Jemal Gibson

Drugs: My Curse, My Savior

In Drugs: My Curse, My Savior, Jemal Gibson hones in on the gut-wrenching reality of the destruction of illegal drugs and the positive turn of events that legal drugs brought his way. Each turn of the page leads you further down a roller-coaster ride through the amazing similarities that illegal and legal drugs share, albeit with bifurcated results.

Evelyn Polk

 It’s Heart Work

Licensed family therapist and radio talk show host, Evelyn Polk, lovingly known by all as Ms. E, has had her heart, soul, mind, and skills intertwined in the lives of so many foster care children for over three decades. That made it imperative that she shares those heartaches, testimonies and everything in between on the pages of It’s Heart Work.

She has since published other works, among them, Meeting Les Brown, a compilation of heartfelt & humorous personal stories about life-changing experiences of meeting and working with the world’s leading Motivational Speaker and adoptee, Mr. Les Brown.

Kelly Chapman

Kelly Chapman is a Singer/Songwriter, Author, and Actress. She has released two CD’s entitled “Real” and “Great is Your Grace”, along with the book, “Real: The Truth about Being Single” with Kelly Chapman.

Kelly now wears the title of “gourmet mac ‘n’ cheese specialist” as she makes her way to various farmers’ markets across Los Angeles with her Mac-O-Licious food truck. After months of preparing and competing, she appeared on MSNBC’s reality show, Restaurant Startup on July 8, 2014. Even though she did not win the competition on that show, she still came out a winner with her very own Mac-O-Licous restaurant opening in North Hollywood on September 23, 2014!

Kim Watt

 Bringing Light to the Matter 

Kimberly Watt’s energy level behind her powerful Bringing Light to the Matter messages is expended by the force of her passion for helping people realize their dreams. She accelerates individuals’ thinking in a positive direction, taking them to new levels in their professional careers and personal lives!

Tom Oswald

Tom Oswald is an attorney-turned-successful business owner. The company that he owns was literally dropped into his lap and he did the only right thing, which was increased its revenue substantially. Tom enjoys posting on his blog that has an amazing 70,000+ fans from 100 countries on six different continents.

Better than both those accomplishments, Tom lost 130 pounds without the assistance of surgery, hypnosis, prescriptions or over-the-counter remedies. He humbly credits his weight loss to the Lord and shares in his upcoming book no-plan method that got him there.