Experienced Blogger has written for a billion-dollar retail company. Spent 20 years as professional Ghostwriter. Will produce engaging, SEO-enhanced content for you.
Prices listed below are for blogs between 500 to 600 words. Longer blogs run an additional 25 cents per word over 600 words.

Why we are different

A full-time position as a blogger would cost a company in the $50,000-$80,000 per-year range. Pricing for freelance bloggers depends on how much time and effort goes into creating the content. For instance…

1. If little to no research is necessary to write a piece, you can source a writer at the lower end of the scale. $50-$100 per post.

2. If you require the writer to do a fair amount of research, source images and tag your content for SEO, expect to pay midrange. $75-$125 per post.


3. If you want your writer to perform duties listed in item #2 plus do things like take photos and do multiple interviews, expect to pay in the upper range. $125-$150 per post.

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