Books are being written Dreams are being planted at record speed.

Yours should be one of them!
Scroll down to see how we can make that happen.
Oh yeah, and dinner’s on me!

Fun times at a past MASTER YOUR MASTERPIECE workshop.


Terri Liggins is a person of very high moral character with genuine concern for her clients and readers… She willingly shares her invaluable knowledge of book writing.


The Master Your Masterpiece Book workshop with Terri Liggins will make you change the way you think about writing, and it will also change for the better, the way you write! It’s an intense content-packed, eye-opener that will revolutionize how to get your masterpiece done–quickly! If you’re ready to become an author NOW, you need to attend this event. I highly recommend it!


Our Value Proposition

Master Your Masterpiece is designed to keep you focused and accountable to your book project until it is completed in a short period of time.


This 2-Day Virtual Book-Writing Intensive Workshop is designed to empower you with the right tools, tips and resources to finally become a published author!


This done-for-you Virtual Book-Writing Experience will help awaken the storyteller in you! Then you can speak about what you were put on this earth to tell. Reach the audience you were sent to inspire. Market wisely so you can sell lots of your books.


If you’re like many people, you have a desire to increase your income. And why not? Well, in the 2-Day Virtual Book-Writing Intensive Workshop, you will hear from the one and only world-renown motivational speaker, Les Brown, as he shares strategies of selling your book from the stage.


Lack motivation? No worries, your assistance doesn’t end with the closing of the workshop. No, it keeps going! Our Master Your Masterpiece Private Facebook Group is there with positive feedback from your book coach and fellow like-minded individuals to keep you motivated daily to take action with determination to succeed.