“If only I could write like Terri! Terri is not only a master of words, she is someone who understands and appreciates the uniqueness of each client and has the ability to craft an article or statement that captures who you are – your attitudes, interests and distinct personality. As a savvy marketer, she knows how to convert readers to fans, clients and repeat customers. It is a pleasure to know Terri and a privilege to collaborate with her. She is someone I respect greatly and am delighted to endorse.”

Jeannette Kraar, Owner, Performance Management International LLC

“…First, Terri had developed interpersonal relationship skills that are noteworthy as a positive attribute.  She has a persona of optimism that brings about the best in her classmates, friends, acquaintances, in addition to strangers. Further, she is willing to share positive opinions in order to develop successful outcomes. Second, she is diligent to go beyond the expected. And third, she is academically very intelligent and dedicated to her studies…”

Dr. Michael Knight, (My MBA professor) Editor in Chief – International Journal of Social and Organizational Dynamics in IT,  Assistant Professor of Management University of Wisconsin – Green Bay, WI

“Terri Liggins is the best ghostwriter on the planet.  She is an outstanding businesswoman on all levels, most importantly she has integrity.  I am proud to call her a friend.”

Steven Thompson, Business owner, Philanthropist Network Marketing Leader of 70,000+ distributors

“Terri Liggins is a prolific writer. She uses her skill as a writer to make your ideas leap off the page in order to capture the hearts and minds of the reader.”

Wade Randolph “The M.O.R.E. Guy” 

” You can always do more, achieve more, and have more because you can always become more.” 

“Terri Liggins is among that group of writers, who are not only extremely talented but whose professionalism and dedication stand out. Quality and devotion to work and clients are of the utmost importance to her, and without reservation, I would recommend Terri Liggins.”

Anthony Stanford, Writer, Columnist “In Other Words”

“I worked on a project with Terri that was time sensitive and highly detailed…She is an extremely thorough and creative writer. She has the incredible ability to capture and mimic the original author’s voice while enhancing the narrative of the story. Her eye for detail is incredible and she has a knack for flushing out the information readers want from a story. If there’s a teeny tiny hole in the story Terri will find it, fill it and make it soar. Terri really cares about her work and the stories authors entrust to her very capable hands. It was a pleasure working with her and I’d do it again – no hesitation.”
Terreece Clarke, Director of Writing Services, Clarke Columbus Consulting
“Terri is one of the finest writers in the industry. She knows how to write in ‘your voice.’”

Les Brown, World-renowned Motivational Speaker

“Terri Liggins is an experience. She does not just add value, she multiplies it, exponentially! Liggins has the solutions you need. Whether it’s negotiating global speaking deals, ghostwriting best-selling books or helping you connect with costumers, she gets the job done. She is a consummate professional, rainmaker and miracle worker. I have complete confidence in her abilities. Her skill set makes the difference.”

Zachary Rinkins, President/CEO Rinkins Media Ventures, LLC

“Dear Terri, Thank you so much for editing Scott Meisenberg’s essay, to assist him in WINNING an all expense paid trip to Las Vegas, for him and his bride, Irena. The check he received wasn’t too bad either! Even though the guy who placed right behind him had lost almost TWICE the weight he had, shows you what your writing skills can do when HALF the score comes from the essay (not the weight loss).  You’re terrific!  And you should be heralded for your incredible skills, and paid a King’s ransom for them by someone who will appreciate them. Thanks again!”

Carolyn Bryce, Real Estate Expert, Entrepreneur, Network Marketer

“I highly recommend Terri in the area of communications and writing.  The experiences I have had with Terri on projects have been very productive.  She is very organized and thorough in her approach.  She is also a professional and mature business person.”

Jim Pentecost, President & CEO, Dickinson Press

“I have worked professionally with Terri Liggins in the financial industry during her employment at Stein Roe & Farnham Incorporated. She is dependable, innovative and she approaches all her responsibilities with the highest integrity. Her work is of the highest quality.”

Joyce Riegel, Chief Compliance Officer, Duff & Phelps Investment Management Co.